How Well is Your Mobile Site? Importance Of Responsive Website Design

Our Website May be Mobile - Friendly, but how well does speed and experience deliver?

Importance Of Responsive Website Design It's no disclosure that mobile is the number one web browsing option. In 2014, it overtook the desktop. But just how important is the mobile experience to a site or campaign's success? According to a 2016 report from com Score, 65% of 'digital' time is spent on mobile, while around 35% is spent on desktop time. This is a year-on-year increase of around 5 percent, while a slightly slower rate drops in the desktop. What the report also points out is that the use of the mobile app and the smartphone app is also on the rise, unbelievably. This does not mean that the desktop is dead ; most eCommerce transactions on a desktop, for example, still take place.But this statistic can be put down to the fact that very much tailored to the desktop is the online buying experience. Mobile buying experience, particularly smartphones, still lags behind. While more and more businesses are investing in this area and great progress is being made, a lot of work remains to be done. Once the purchasing experience on the small screen is equal to or better than the desktop, consumers will also move to the mobile, making the desktop redundant. Another concern – particularly for older age groups – is security, with many still skeptical about using online credit cards.

Importance Of Responsive Website Design

Smartphone penetration sits at around 80% overall, according to the report, but it rises to around 93% for the 18-34 year group. This is the group that will purchase most online, but they don't necessarily have the spending power of older age groups.All this information brings us back to the fact that mobile is more popular than ever. What else it tells us is that if your brand and website isn't fully committed to mobile, it's time for them. You need to be fully mobile - ready in order to be more successful.

Importance Of Responsive Website Design

User Experience and Speed Download are Critical to Success

Many brands and websites commit to mobile, but they just don't do it well enough. Critical to success is the user experience and download speeds. Just like being on a desktop, users will simply look for a better alternative if you don't get it right., the Google Mobile Website Speed Test site, is a quick and easy way to test your site.

This provides Mobile Friendliness, Mobile Speed, and Desktop Speed results. All you have to do is add a URL and wait a couple of seconds. Try this on your own website and compare it with some of the website's most popular. We've been testing Google, the BBC, Instagram, the Daily Mail, and our own website. What we found out from this small sample is that most sites are now mobile-friendly, but lack the department of delivery. On all sites (except Google) mobile speeds were poor, ranging from 48-62 out of 100. Don't panic: if desired, you can quickly look at where you need to improve a site and get a more thorough report. The changes are generally not drastic, so they can be quickly implemented in the main. Note that if you're planning to buy a WordPress theme to build your site, make sure you're testing before you buy: it may look nice, but does it work? Google isn't the market's only option.

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Get testing right now. Remember, if your site is not up to scratch, visitors will miss you and ultimately miss out on building your brand and following the path to success. You will need professional website design if you want to attract more customers to your website.

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