Best Impact Of Augmented Reality Tips You Will Read This Year

Do you remember when Pokemon first came into being the good old days? Only a few options were available for playing Pokemon – which is either on a Game Boy or Nintendo DS. The same applied to the card. With Pokemon Go's launch, however, this has changed.

How's the question? That's where Augmented Reality (AR) comes into the bigger picture on the mobile–this allowed players to look for Pokemon in the real world around them and get their hands on them. Pokemon Go's expansion to the AR mainstream has been taking place. And we've seen technology grow ever since. Mobile marketers are targeting Augmented Reality for the broader market perspective it offers. Let's learn more about Augmented Mobile Reality and its emergence over time.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality can be defined as a technology that places digital data like text, sound, and video in the real world within your view. For example, the Snap-chat filters that you can choose to scan your fingers through, take interesting selfies and add some filters along with swapping faces with whomever you like. AR's options and choices are not limited to clicking fun selfies, but they go beyond that – you can use them as a powerful mobile marketing tool. Traditional marketing and digital marketing may be known to you.

It helps to strengthen customer engagement as a marketing tool, while creating realistic, virtual experiences across products. Some of the apps, such as IKEA Place, allow shoppers to get a virtual view of how certain items would appear in their home, for example, a dining table–which helps them choose an item that would fit into their home's mood and atmosphere before they go forward.

Impact Of Augmented Reality

Role of AR in Mobile Devices

Now, let's find out what role Augmented Reality plays on mobile –how mobile has changed for good. It is confirmed that by 2021, the market for Augmented Reality on mobile devices will experience a consistent annual average growth rate of around 70 percent, bringing about a total turnover of US$ 80 billion in the near future. Interestingly, Augmented Reality on mobile appears to be the VR market's highest share, rising to US$ 10 billion by 2021.

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Advantages of AR in Mobile Marketing

We will take you through the mobile marketing advantages of AR. Indeed, as discussed, AR is a game-changer. It has led to a drastic change in the way mobile marketing is done and plays an important role in the latest trends in digital marketing.The way consumers interact with brands, products and even marketing campaigns is impacting in order to offer a great and seamless user experience.

To display their merchandise, AR-driven 360o views and engagement levels can now be flexibly adopted by product-based brands for customers to test their products. Brands can now display their offers with the help of AR tutorials, while showing customers what they will get is worth the money they spend on it.

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