3 Tips To Boost Your Facebook Campaigns For ECommerce

Let's face it, for converts, we're all in it. Without an eCommerce campaign from Facebook, either your business will not generate a customer base through offers like free ebooks, or your business will not generate sales.

Facebook is a great platform to get people to convert and track your conversions when you know how. Another great advantage is using Facebook to create a marketing campaign for e-commerce. You'll find it very easy to keep track of what and what ads don't work. Select The Right Conversion Event For Your Business There are a variety of conversion events that you can choose from and we, as the Good Marketer, will stick to the main ones to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible in this article.

Here Is A List Of Custom Conversions From Which You Can Choose:

  • Look at the content.
  • Apply to cart quest.
  • Add to the list of wishes.
  • Checkout start.
  • Add information about fee.
  • Purchase the lead.
  • Registration is complete.
  • Many Others

Out of the list above, the highest intention case is the purchasing option from the list above. The visitor has bought from you and is becoming a customer. The Facebook pixel, however, requires at least 50 events to maximize your conversion campaign, and if you pick the purchase event and don't have 50 conversions against it, your campaign will fail!

Facebook Campaigns for eCommerce

Chances are, you have more data against your cart or trigger checkout options and probably more than 50. Therefore, the algorithm of Facebook would tend to give you better results.

Know Your Custom Travel Like Your Hand Back

They would have been on a journey for most of your customers from the point where they came across your brand / product to deliver money to buy from you. It's unlikely you'll find a customer willing to buy from you on the spot without getting a little wine and dinner.

The Couple's Example That First Meet And Meet Is The Perfect Example To Explain This Argument.

  • Person A and person B have just met in a nightclub.
  • Both of them greet each other and make small conversations.
  • Person A, after speaking for about an hour, asks person B for their number.
  • All chatted via text and arranged for a date to meet.
  • Person A asks for person B to be their partner after a number of dates.
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The above example is just a brief summary of how many phases a relationship is going through and it's the same with you and your client. Knowing about the experience of your user increases Facebook's chances of success. Why should I do it? An ad from a removal company with a removal checklist may be provided by designing different campaigns/ads where the customer is at, for example, someone who is looking to move house.

Facebook Campaigns for eCommerce

Use Local Audiences To Scale Up Your Campaigns For Conversion

There are only so many customers to re-target too, and you may find that you are running quite quickly through this audience. And they are perfect for scaling up your campaigns to reach those clients who may not have heard about your brand.

P.S. If you really want to make the most of an audience lookalike, create an audience based on people who have already bought (if you have the data). The above goes into more depth than most people can start thinking about so if you go ahead and incorporate these 3 strategies, you'll see a quantifiable improvement in your conversions.

To sum summarise, think about the right type of conversion event for your company, know your consumer experience better than your customer, and go ahead and scale your campaign to lookalike audiences when you get that right.